What is Obscurity and I About?

Who am I?
Have you ever heard of me?  Likely not but world fame does not mean that I haven't been successful.  Success is really a personal definition.
I am an obscure musician that writes and plays surreal post-punk. 
I have released 9 albums, toured regionally, promoted my music and wrote about music as a hobby for 20+ years.  

My music has appeared in film, been reviewed in major and independent magazines and fanzines including Alternative Press and Acoustic Guitar.  I've been on National radio and hit the top ten charts on many mp3 sites.  I've been bootlegged by a South American website that sold around 3500 downloads of one of my songs.  I currently have a contract with a company that sells music to film and television and have many friends and acquaintances in the music industry.

Aside from being an obscure artist I have a real job, a busy family, avid mountain biker, hack golfer, hockey goaltender (retired 2014), weight lifter, amateur chef, hiker, wannabe graphic designer and a public speaker.  I'm also huge music fan and am constantly looking for, listening to and reading about music.

At night I am currently recording my 10th album and am the lead singer / guitarist in a power trio, the Pint Collective.  Sometimes I'll play solo acoustic shows.

Life Happens
Only the best musicians (or luckiest) strike it rich.  Some musicians (usually the most talented) can etch out long careers as DIY musicians.  For myself, there were student loans to pay back then marriage, kids, a house, a car and all the other expenses that go along with being an adult.  Bills to pay, friends to hang out with, vacations to go on, etc.  This all costs money.  A lot of money which means I had to get a real job.  The youthful dream dies and the instruments, like outgrown toys, go into a closet to collect dust.

It doesn't have to end this way.  The dream just needs to be modified. 

Technology is changing the traditional music model and the new model shifts everyday.  When I released my first cassette there was no such thing as Cd's, the internet or mp3's.  Marketing was playing live, putting up posters and sending demos to magazines (for reviews), radio and to record companies.  Mp3.com moved me into the digital world, then it was trounced by MySpace which was decimated by Facebook and Twitter.  Instagram and Pinterist are moving in as well.

It is challenging to maintain a career while raising a family and still having time to pursue being an obscure rock star...but it can be done and that's what "Obscurity and I" is about.