Friday, November 10, 2017

Live at the Lyric, November 9 2017

Serendipity has a funny way of finding us sometimes...

The original plan for tonight was to play an electric set with a band.  Schedules didn't mesh and we were not able to connect for any rehearsals so I readied for an acoustic solo set.  I was about to go on stage but was bumped up to a later slot so I sat in the green room waiting my set.  Another musician came in and introduced himself and he asked if I would be interested in having him accompany me on drums.  We chatted for a couple of minutes and decided it would be fun.  One of the guys I was planning on rehearsing with was in the audience (Ed) so I asked him if he would be interested in joining us.  Suddenly, 10 minutes before my set, I'm going over the chords of three original songs that they have never heard and we are writing out cheat sheets.  Ed then figured Dan, a guitar player should join us as well. Why not I figured and in less than 15 minutes I went from preparing for a solo acoustic show to hitting the stage with a four piece band.

Set List (all originals)
1. Devil Woman
2. Breathing Ether
3. Excuse Me Amelia

Gate: ~ 60 persons
Bar Tab: $40.00 plus tips (I bought the band a round and two persons bought me drinks so the tab is subject to error).
Stage Gear: My fabulous black dress shirt with white dots, jeans and these fantastic brown European ankle boots I bought last month.
Guitar: Beige Taylor

Band: Greg - vocals and acoustic guitar
           Ed - Stand up bass
           Dan - 1930's acoustic guitar
           Ryan - Drums

This was the first time I've played these songs with a full band.  It was great seeing them come to life and having three really sharp musicians throw their own parts in as well as Ed contributing to the stage banter.