Sunday, October 1, 2017

Show Notes: Houston Pizza Lounge September 30 2017

The Houston Pizza lounge was packed on a fine September Autumn day.

A pic of the stage from my bar stool.  I did consider
pausing during my set for a selfie.
Its a strange feeling going to open mics by myself and sitting alone in a crowd.  There is a certain tension that builds inside me but if I intend to play more solo acoustic shows outside of open mics I need to get used to this feeling.  With a band, there is a instant group to hang out with and draw from.  As a solo singer songwriter, it takes a lot of internal fortitude to sit in a crowd by yourself, quietly waiting your turn to play.

When my time came I tuned up, adjusted the levels to suit my guitar and broke into a slow, finger picked version Alan Jackson's "Mercury Blues."  I received a small smattering of applause and without any further adieu, broke into the Psychedelic Furs "Ghost in You."  I had two more songs in my set but the crowd wasn't really into my song selections so I said a quick thank-you and made my way back to my bar stool.

The songs of the day were predominantly true to form country western, blues, 60's classic rock and kids movie songs.  The kids movie songs probably went over the best.  Way better than say an alt country version of Mercury Blues or an acousticized 80's pop song.

Crowd: 32 persons
Set List:
1. Mercury Blues
2. The Ghost in You

Bar tab: $32.75 plus tip