Wednesday, November 9, 2016

New Video: Devil Woman

I'm a huge Robyn Hitchcock fan and there's a lot of his influence in the songs I write.  When I was listening to "Jewels For Sophia" he had a song called "Ant Woman."  I did not like this song very much.  His next release, "A Star for Bram" included a dub mix of Ant Woman.  I liked this song a lot.  I thought it would be really cool to take a song of mine and make it into a dub mix.  I didn't have anything that I thought would translate well so I decided I would just write a song on my acoustic guitar and simply record it in a dub style.  The first step was to come up with a title.  Since Robyn's song was called 'Ant Woman' I cleverly thought that "Devil Woman" would make a good enough title.

I came up with some chords and was working out the lyrics and singing "Devil Devil Woman" over and over again.  My wife overheard me and stopped by my studio.  "Devil Woman?" she said.  "Who is that about?"

There are no good answers to a question from your wife regarding who the 'Devil Woman" is.  I considered my two options: "Ummm..., it's about someone else" or "Hey honey, it's about you."  As I contemplated which answer to give and the impending fate I came to the conclusion that no matter what I answered, I was basically fucked.