Friday, October 21, 2016

Lyric Theater October 13th: Set-list and notes

It has been almost two years since I last I played (a solo acoustic Christmas gig).  Since then I recorded and released an E.P., recorded a few cover tunes, made an ill-fated attempt to resurrect the Pint Collective with myself on bass and began writing and rehearsing a new batch of songs.  I also put on ten pounds.  On October 10th I saw that the Lyric Theatre was having an open mic in three days.  Last time I played there my band was a paid headliner.  I figured it may be fun so I restrung my acoustic, picked three songs from my set, had two nights of practice and a night off and I found myself back on stage.

Selfie backstage in the green room
I was hoping to go on fourth or fifth.  I was also hoping that it would not run real late because I had to work the next day.  I also wished I still had a little more rock or youth or something in me but I digress...

I wound up going on second after the host played.  He played very well and got the crowd into it.  I played two originals and one cover.

Set List:

1. Devil Woman
2. Breathing Ether
3. Shine (Junkhouse cover)

Gate: ~60 persons

My wife videotaped my set and I`ll post it once I finish editing it.  Overall I really enjoyed being back on stage.  I had a few beers, met a few local musicians, saw some really good bands / artists and I even stayed out late.