Saturday, September 24, 2016

Into Oblivion

I currently have several projects on the go which basically means I am getting none of them done.  There's the videos and promotion of my currently not so new CD 'Under Fading Stars.'  I am  recording basic demos and rehearsing a new batch of songs.  I am considering playing a few acoustic shows this winter so am working on a set-list and practicing them.  Finally, I am trying to get some of my older material to YouTube which brings me to the point of this post...

"Into Oblivion" is from my 2007 CD "The Impostor."  The Impostor was the hardest album I have recorded.  I started upping my guitar skill level by accessorizing my style with elements of jazz, various modes and a healthy dose of experimentation.  I was also using a new software package and was learning as going.  I've wrote about this elsewhere but this album burnt me out musically, creatively and mentally.  I didn't touch a guitar for almost 6 years after I finished this album.

"Into Oblivion" motors along at a decent pace.   It is one of the more accessible songs on "the Impostor" considering that guitar based instrumentals really are not that accessible in the first place.  The guitars were cranked up to slightly distort the tube pre-amp when I really went after a note.  I really like how I threaded the bass lines between the lead guitar and threw in a surfed up Tom Verlaine inspired chord for the rhythm guitar.