Saturday, June 25, 2016

Pint Collective: Dear Mr. Fantasy Cover

The cover band I played in that covered songs by bands who covered other bands songs has played its last song.  When our bass player, Chris, told us he took work elsewhere and was moving we managed to get together one more time.  Fast forward 1 /12 years and Scott (drums) and I recently started a new version of the Pints with a friend who plays guitar.  I switched to bass and we had a practice.  Our first practice was on about the same day that Scott accepted a new career opportunity far far away from our little town.  I took Scott for lunch today and we said our farewells.  I have a new cover song ready to go but tonight I am feeling a little sentimental so am posting a video of the last time Scott, Chris and I played together.  It was pretty much the same way we started: In Scott's basement with a few cold brews.

"Dear Mr. Fantasy" was our cover version of Big Sugar's cover version of the Traffic song.  We closed all of our live shows with this one so it was only fitting that we closed out the Pints with this song as well.