Sunday, October 4, 2015

I dig your music a lot

The other day I received an email from a gentleman named Jerald Keidling on my Soundcloud account.  In his email he wrote, "I dig your music a lot" and feels 'Devil Woman' could win an award! Jerald may be right.  Maybe I can win an award since he didn't dig it just a little, he dug it a lot! My new best friend Jerald even sent me a link to apply for the award I could win.

Bless my heart, I've spent my whole obscure music career waiting for the chance to win an award, some may even say it is my raison d'etre.  It may not be a Grammy, it may not be an MTV, nor a Juno, a Polaris or even the COVETED East Coast Music Award! But still...the chance at an award!  And if I win this award I'm sure exciting opportunities will open up for me.  'Devil Woman' may even go from it's current plays of 26 to maybe even like 30.

I'm still a little confused about how Jerald decided that he dug my music and how he felt it was worthy of an award.  No one listened to my song for several days before or on the day he commented.  'Devil Woman' must have fermented in his mind for fifteen days and then, in sudden burst of unrestrained passion, Jerald felt the need to fire off that email to tell me I need to apply for an award.  That must be it.  There is no way that Jerald could possibly be some sort of a douche-bag spammer who is trying to scam me out of some cash for a bogus award right?

Speaking of awards, I think that every single band I have ever seen from the East Coast (and I have seen a lot of East Coast Bands) has won an East Coast Music Award.