Sunday, August 30, 2015

Divine Inspiration

I have lots of news about my E.P. 'Under Falling Stars' but I'll save those for later posts.  Something interesting happened to me.  One of my older posts was about the song writing technique of 'Divine Intervention' and how sometimes songs just come out of nowhere.  My CD 'Sand Genies' arrived that way.  Here's the original post.

Last Saturday I was studying my vocal range and writing out chord changes that fit within my range and messing around with transposing songs.  I wrote down four chord progressions on a scrap of paper and though nothing of it again.  On Sunday, I was driving my son to his job at a Bible Camp and he pointed a cairn in the distant Prairie and and told me the story about it.  After I dropped him off I was driving back home down the grid road and I paused and looked over the vast valley to the cairn in the distance.  Standing underneath the bleak prairie sun, I felt a combination of sadness and hope.  The sadness that made the cairn come into existence and the kindness of people after a tragedy.

That night, four song titles and an album title came to me and I wrote them down on that same scrap of paper.  Then I looked at the progressions I wrote the night before and played them thinking of the song titles that were given to me.  I added in some of the riffs I learned in the last two months (as a way to counteract problem after problem with something positive) I have the outline of my next E.P. written.  Its going to be a sparse acoustic E.P.  All through this week, snippets of lyrics are coming out of nowhere and I am forming them into the songs.

I tend to switch genres from recording to recording and this one will be a huge stretch away from my other recordings.  I will be making my first foray into a Christian singer / songwriter with a touch of country and folk.  Though it is not directly about God, it is about how there is hope after loss, forgiveness after tragedy and beauty after death through the guidance of a higher being.

I'm learning to accept that there's a reason for everything and when shit happens, if I just wait, it will all be explained.

Photo: G.E. Grant