Tuesday, August 4, 2015

10 reasons to Release a Hard Copy CD

I'm starting to make slow progress in releasing my new E.P. and just finished the Digital Download cover.  Then I looked at the box of CD's I ordered.  Did I really need to get hard copy CD's?  I pondered this for about 5 minutes and the answer is "Yes" and here are ten reasons why.

  1. The CD can pay for itself, and more, by selling it at shows.  CD's do sell at shows.  I've bought many a CD at live shows that I would have never bought in stores.
  2. Its makes music tangible.  You can touch it, feel it, hold it.  When someone buys it, they have a real thing which leads me to...
  3. You can autograph your CD.  It makes the CD a bit more special, allows contact and a personal exchange with the fan who bought it and helps solidify them as a fan.  I've signed many a CD over the years and I'm not exactly a big star, a medium star or even a little star.  I'm just a speck of dust in the indie universe yet I still get asked to autograph my CD's.  I can't sign an mp3.  I guess I could sign the digital download card but somehow it just doesn't seem the same.
  4. A CD provides a physical memento to your show.  If a person buys the CD they obviously had a good time.  The CD provides a tangible (see #2) memory of the evening out.  No one picks up a CD at a show where they had a lousy time.  
  5. Credibility.  You have a CD out versus you have a Youtube video.  I tend to keep my obscure rockstarness separate from my work and personal life but when someone finds out that I have 9 CD's (and a tenth one coming), they are kind of interested.  Everyone has a Youtube video.  A CD separates you above the chaff.
  6. A CD contains info about you (contact, song information, copyrights, registration) so they are good as a promo tool.
  7. They are not that expensive to make.  My CD cost me $3.50 per disc.  Thats not exactly a huge amount of cash.  If you are gigging regularly you can easily make your life a little more comfortable through CD sales (i.e. now you can afford food while on the road).
  8. A CD provides a sense of accomplishment.  Maybe this point is the same as #2 but are you paying me for this info?  Well maybe by coming here and reading this you are paying me by giving me your time.  This is off track.
  9. The CD contains your songs in their entirety.  An MP3 is nothing more than face in the crowd, lost among 1000's of other songs.  When a CD is popped in their is a commitment implied by the listener that they will listen your songs and your songs only.
  10. And finally, some media and radio will accept hard copy only.  A CD demonstrates that you are a professional and they are promoting a person who can be seen and heard in places than their parents basement.