Sunday, July 12, 2015

One Last Pint

This week marks the one year anniversary since my band, The Pint Collective played their final song.  As a retrospective here are some photos from our last two gigs.

June 2014: Throwing in some stage banter while Chris tunes his bass.  I was talking about a George Stroumboulopoulos CBC radio segment where he said everyone "likes" Tom Petty but no one "loves" Tom Petty to intro our version of Runnin' Down a Dream.  I also called George the "New Nick Adonidas" and said Scott was from Gibson's Bay.  The four people that caught that obscure reference killed themselves laughing.  Its too bad the other 150 people were kind of confused.

June 2014: Based on the position of my hand on the neck, this looks like  its probably the guitar solo to Collective Souls "Gel."  I never bothered to learn any of the solos for the songs we covered.  I just did an interpretation of them which was basically keeping it in the same key at the same tempo.

July 2014: A week before our gig, I was at a wedding at the same venue we were going to be playing so I posed by our poster.  Later that night a drunk guy approached me and said "Hey!  Your that guy above the urinal!"  It was.  Besides the entrance, our posters were also prominently displayed in the Men's bathroom.  They never mention that in the Rock and Roll stardom books.

July 2014: The last song of our last gig.  Our cover of Big Sugar's cover of Dear Mr. Fantasy.  We did a whole set where we covered bands who covered other bands songs.  Clever yes?  Note Scott's ultra cool NPR shirt.

The crowd leaving.  We played to approximately 200 people, the hangers on are mostly our wives and friends trying to convince the bar to sell them more drinks while we pack up our gear.  We all got more drinks!