Thursday, May 28, 2015

New cover song: Tiger Lily by Luna

Good evening Denizens of the internet.  I haven't posted in quite awhile.  Tell me, did you miss me?  Probably not.  Anyways, I took the lead in line from my favorite Luna song "23 minutes in Brussels (tell me did you miss me)" as a way to intro my latest video, Luna's "Tiger Lily."
Wait a minute, you are saying...haven't you been writing about your new E.P. for the last while and why wouldn't you post a cover of your fave Luna song rather than a different one.

I have a hard answer and an easy answer.

The easy answer: "Tiger Lily is part of my acoustic solo set.  My acoustic version is arranged differently than the Luna song.  I recorded my cover of Luna's song arranged from my acoustic version using two electric guitars, one bass, drums and vocals.

The hard answer: The first part is that life has really gotten in the way of my sputtering musical career.  Shit happens (good and bad) and I had to deal with it.  Still am as I write this late night post.  The second part is that I am really ruminating over the release my latest E.P.  Until my cover band, I never really promoted myself locally.  I have loads of friends who have no idea I even play not alone write songs.  They usually think its kind of cool but for some odd reason, I like to separate my musician life from my personal life.  My cover band played locally and it was almost like a coming out of the closet experience.  I also went by my real name rather than my pseudo name.  My friends and other local musicians have no idea that I have been in Alternative press, Acoustic Guitar and a few indie mags and online sites under varying names. Releasing my latest E.P. locally will ID me as G.E. along with this blog and other musical endeavors so recording covers and releasing them on Youtube is avoidance.  I`ll admit this line of thinking is pretty fucked up.

Onto the cover song

The bass is fairly straight forward.  I played the drums by channeling the drummer from "The Dandy Warhols."  Oh man, its time for an aside...

Aside: I recently spoke with Scott, the drummer from my former cover band the Pint Collective.  I said, "Scott, if we could do it again, I would set the drums up like the Dandy Warhol's (the drummer in the Dandy's is front and center on the stage instead of at the back, see their live 13 Tales from Bohemia video on YouTube, its great, go there now..  Scott's eyes teared up a little as any drummers would.  If we could only do it one more time.  Perhaps we could do a quick gig if Chris would come back but first we would have to travel to rehearse, then find a gig...sounds like a stretch for a band that could rarely find time to rehearse and turned down at least five gigs because we were too busy. 

....the rhythm guitar is open chords through a tube amp with a plate reverb.  The lead is barre chords up the neck played through the same tube amp using a tremolo effect.  My wife assures me my vocals are better than Dean Wareham`s but I`m not convinced.  I think she may have mixed up the Luna original with my cover, I'll take any compliment I can get so I didn't argue with her.  Anyways, I sang them through my cheap assed phantom mic, warmed up with a tube pre-amp.

The video: I googled `Tiger Lily`and found a pic of a woman with a big flower tattoo (with a free licence to use).  In fact there were two photos so I switched them between the verse and chorus which makes it seem really cheesy.  Since I spent an entire 10 minutes producing the video (which is less time than it took me to upload it, one really should spend more time producing a video than uploading it) I'm not expecting it will get me to Sundance.  Especially since it has had a chart topping seven views in two weeks.  Maybe you can make it eight...