Thursday, March 5, 2015

New DIY Music Video: Genie with no Brain

December through February were insanely busy months as I finished off my forthcoming E.P., mixed and mastered it, had a cover designed and sent it off for duplication.  I have also designed a digital cover preparing for release in that format as well.

So what have I done to get this out into the public?  Made a cover song and video of Robyn  Hitchcock's 52 Stations and now a video of a song of mine from 2005.

The 2005 video came about while I was I was working on my BandCamp page for my new E.P.  I looked at my stats and noticed that one of my songs, The Genie With No Brain was getting way more play then anything else, including the feature songs.  Since its my most popular song on Bandcamp I figured a video is in order.

I found a piece of abstract art in creative commons (licence below), remastered my song from 9 years ago and 30 minutes later its on YouTube.

Background:  Back in 2004 we were walking along a beach in Northern Ontario and my four year old sun drew a stick figure in the sand.  "Whats that?' I asked.  "Its a Genie with no brain!" he excitedly replied.  The entire song, words and melody all hit me at once.  I didn't want to forget all this so I called our house and, right there on the beach, sang the song into our answering machine.  I sometimes wonder what my fellow denizens of the sand thought of the guy in camo shorts singing "Its the Genie with no Brain, he's half insane" into a cell phone.

What about it?  The Genie lives in a cardboard box (because he lost his lantern).  If you happen to find him he will grant your every wish.  Unfortunately, he'll get it wrong every time and let you down again and again. My favorite line "if you wish for world peace, he'll tell you its just to late" is sort of melancholy and probably true.  The positive side is that the Genie demonstrates that he still has a brain and there is a glimmer of hope for him.

Influences: The bridge is a homage to Robyn Hitchcock's "Man with the Light-bulb Head."  I can't remember where the guitar solo (or lack thereof) came from.  normally I like to rip out a fracture of notes (Ala Robert Quine or Tom Verlaine) but I chose to make this one more subtle.  The swirling bright synths were created on a MT-100 that I bought from the used bargain bin at a music store.

Techy Stuff on a Tascam Digital 8-Track machine.  Two guitars, one bass, synth, keyboard, drums, vocals (2).  Originally mixed and mastered to a Sony Minidisc.


photo credit: Interesting Basics - Red Circle via photopin (license)