Thursday, February 19, 2015

Making a simple DIY music video

The way people access music is rapidly changing.  CD sales and downloads are decreasing while streaming services are on the rise.  According to the RIAA, trends are demonstrating that YouTube is becoming a preferred  formats for how people access music.

I have never made a YouTube video.  Last Sunday I decided to catch up with the times.  My first video was very simple.   I made a video for a cover song I recently recorded.  I used Photoshop 11 to add video to the song.  Basically I just dragged and dropped my .wav file and a added few pictures and some text.  It took me about three hours.

I do not think it will win any Sun Dance awards but for my first video, it turned out okay.  I plan on making 3 or 4 more videos of cover songs with each one getting a bit more complex (practice makes better).  This will help me learn what works, what doesn't work and my limitations as a "filmographer."  After that, I'm going to script out and make videos to promote each of the four songs from my forthcoming E.P.

For now, I would like to present my cover of Robyn Hitchcock's "52 Stations."  Its a killer song and I hope I did it justice.