Thursday, February 5, 2015

Designing a CD Cover

I need to design a CD cover for my four song E.P.

Promo Banner for my upcoming E.P.

I have done most of the design work for all of my previous CD's (except the re-release of the Imposter).  This involved choosing the design, text, font, and colors.  Once I finished it, I would print and manually cut all the covers.  For my CD, Sand Genies, I  had it professionally copied at a print shop but I still had to cut out each print and fold.

Completing this work myself is really labor intensive and adds one to two months to the lead time for releasing my CD's.  Its been 6 plus years since I have released anything and now that I have an EP ready to go, I do not want to add that extra month or two to production time.

Rather than designing the cover myself I decided to outsource the design using Fiverr. 

This was relatively quick.  I went to Fiverr and typed "CD" in the search engine.  Approximately 20 sellers had offers (or "gigs" as Fiverr likes to call them).  I chose the seller through the process of elimination by:

  1. Any seller that did not have at least 5 samples of past work was eliminated. 
  2. I looked at the remaining samples and check marked  Sellers whose samples I liked
  3. I chose the Seller whose artwork most closely resembled the "feel" I wanted to convey

I contacted the Seller by email, provided him my genre, the EP title, my name and info I wanted on it.  Two days later my artwork was done: front cover, back cover and cd label for the low low price of $15 USD.  He even added a promotional banner at no extra charge.

The Good
It was quick and looked good.

The Bad
I ordered a CD cover and back panel but it certainly was not scaled as a CD, it was scaled as a full page.  I had to resize it myself but for $15.00 that's not a huge deal. 

The Ugly
Fiverr is relentlessly email bombing me with offers, coupons, etc.  Hello unsubscribe button.

To save more time on the cutting and copying, I am planning on sending my EP off to a CD duplicator and they can do all the duplication, printing, cutting and wrapping.

Overall, this was a relatively inexpensive way to get some decent artwork completed in a short period of time.  Sometimes the DIY ethic needs to be outsourced.