Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Top Ten Reasons Why I am Releasing an EP instead of an LP

I have enough material for an LP but have decided to release a four song Extended Play.

Here are my top 10 reasons why an EP is better than an LP, especially for an obscure artist.

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  1. I'm not popular enough for an LP: No one is going to invest 45 to 60 minutes of their time listening to my entire LP.  20 minutes is possible.
  2. Building on the first reason: I can select one strong song to lead off each EP.  I have three really strong songs.  If I put them all on an LPtwo would get lost in the later tracks.
  3. Its quicker to record and release an EP than an LP.  If I release an EP every 4-6 months as opposed to an LP every two years I can build momentum from each release.  
  4. EP's are more affordable: I can get CD-R's and jackets printed for much less with a recording <20 minutes.  I can easily sell these for $5.00.  Its much harder to make people part with $10.00 to $20.00 when you are an obscure musician
  5. I can have merch to sell at shows now rather than in the two years it would take me to release an LP.
  6. The three EP's can be converted into an LP.  In two years I'll have had 4 products to sell and promote rather than one.
  7. I can release each one to coincide with a string of live gigs.
  8. I'll get better at home recording, mixing and mastering because I will be continually be in a recording mode,mixing and mastering mode.
  9. I can experiment more.  Have a really weird idea?  If its a three or four song release and it flops, then I haven't invested a lot of time or effort.  I can go lo-fi for a release, experimental, avante garde, slick pop.  This sounds quite fun actually.
  10. Experimenting more will stretch my song writing, playing and depth.  
Are these reasons valid?  I would be very interested in hearing what you think of releasing an EP versus an LP.

photo credit: Pere Tubert Juhé via photopin cc