Thursday, January 8, 2015

DIY Anti-fatigue Mat

The Situation
I like to practice guitar while standing up.

The Problem
I found my knees were getting sore from standing on my laminate floor.  I went to buy an anti-fatigue mat like they use in industrial plants.  The cost for a 3X5 was $206.00 plus taxes.  I can buy some serious studio equipment for that price.

The Solution
I made an anti-fatigue mat for around $10.00 and it was really easy.  I purchased interlocking foam mats.  I then put a piece of left over carpet on top of it.  A total cost savings of $196.00 and my knees do not bother me at all when practicing guitar.

DIY Anti-Fatigue Mat

The bottom (grey) is two pieces of interlocking foam.  The carpet (beige) is a left over piece from when we had carpet installed a few years ago.  I cut the carpet to size with a carpet cutter.  Carpet stores will also sell squares for ~$5.00 a square if you do not have any old pieces at your disposal.