Monday, August 11, 2014

July 25 2014 show set list and notes

We headlined a show that hosted 10 bands.  As headliners we had strange times where we opened at 8:30 and then closed at 11:40 (it was supposed to be 11:15 p.m.).  All I can say, questionable song selection, the length of time between sets, a couple of technical problems, another band going well beyond their time making things run late and slowly sipping beers (not enough for a good buzz, enough to make us tired) never really gave us a chance to develop a flow.

1st set: 8:30 p.m.
Hello There: Cheap Trick
Boys in the Bright White Sports Car: Trooper
Knocking on Heavens Door: Television version
Heroes: Wallflower version

2nd set: 11:40 p.m.
Running Down the Dream: Tom Petty
Fly Away: Lenny Kravitz
Gel: Collective Soul
Dear Mr. Fantasy: Big Sugar version
Back in the USSR: Beatles

Notes:  This was our first (and last) try at "Hello There."  On paper it seemed like a great idea.  While it works for Cheap Trick, it did not work for us and we certainly did not receive Budokan reverence.   Opening with a weak song set a bad pace for the show and it did not help that I hit a wrong pedal and had a totally messed up mass of reverb for the opening 8 bars.  Things went from bad to worse.  My guitar kept cutting out during the second song (pick-up ground wire came loose) and I was frazzled.  Thanks to Dean Warham's book "Black Postcards" I learned  to always bring a second guitar and switched out for the third song.  Fender and Epiphone have a whole slew of decent cheapies.  On "Heaven's Door" we had the host join to provide back-up vocals (I should mention I screwed up her last name) which she nailed and helped immensely with crowd recovery.  We kept the crowd up during "Heroes" and got a decent pop but then it was time for a break.

Second set:  After a long sit, we hit were sluggish when we hit the stage.  "Running Down the Dream," and "Gel" went over well and we were like a down and out prize fighter coming back.  Then bad song selection killed all the momentum we had going.  I should not have agreed to do "Fly Away" since its completely out of my vocal range and I felt like I was in a "karaoke gone wrong" video.  My voice was so thin, weak and out of tune.  We were going down and then knocked ourselves out with "Dear Mr. Fantasy." This one received our biggest pop a few shows ago but its been a crowd killer the last two.  We completely lost our mojo.  We tried to get the crowd back and completely punked out "Back in the USSR" but it was too little too late.  We received a polite response and since no encore was asked for, we grabbed a round of beers and packed up our gear.

Assessment: Not every show can be the best show.  It wasn't horrible but it wasn't good so I'd rate this one a generous 5 out of 10. 

Crowd: ~200