Saturday, June 15, 2013

Obscure Ghosts

A long long time ago I put my first two post lo-fi albums (the disappearance and Allure) on a site called IUMA.  This was pre-napster.  The Internet was young and major artists music was not yet readily available for 'free.'   Some college students came up with a new fangled way for DIY'ers such as you and I to promote their music: Free MP3 downloads. 

IUMA was awesome.  It had stats, charts, people could send emails and friends and family could instantly hear what I was up to without me having to send a CD in the mail.  It did have mb limits but no one cared back then.

Times have changed and the internet has opened up worlds of opportunities for the DIY artist.  I wondor if it made me lazy as well?  Ironically, I was probably a little less obscure back then as I actively promoted, recorded and toured my CD's.  This especially became apparent when I read my 2002 biography on IUMA.

IUMA eventually gave way to other similar sites.  Recently I stumbled across an archive of it and lo and behold, my web page and music was archived.  It was like going back in a time machine...

"Well hello Greg!  It's been awhile.  Oh, 'November' was a fantastic song little dude.  How did you manage to record that with the crap you had? A little long perhaps, in the future, drop the last verse and chorus." G.E. Grant IUMA

If you are bored , take some time and poke around in the IUMA archives (not just my area).  Its full of the ghosts of lots of wannabe stars from back in the mid 90's to early 00's.  It's also a good lesson in the potential immortality of indie music with the advent of the web.  You may even be surprised when you run across a name or two that you recognize and see how they started out.

More on IUMA can be found by clicking here:

And my biography from back then. 

BIO G.E. Grant resides in Frantic City (not it's real name) Canada. He has recorded two CD's, the disappearance (2000) and Allure (2002). His latest cd should be available in September. It consists of vocals, one acoustic guitar, bass, drums and the occasional smattering of keyboards.
the disappearance consists of guitar-bass-and drum instrumentals mic'd through tube amplifiers. The CD has been described as a sonic film noir.
Allure is in the Adult Alternative genre and features Gregory's vocals interlaced with quick taut guitar solos that gradually extend into long, spare graceful leads.
His recordings have been reviewed / acknowledged in several publications including Alternative Press, The Seen, and Doughboy, The Session and on several web sites.

There's something cool here. (Alternative Press)
The arranging skills are a highlight. (Doughboy)
Gregory exhibits a light, subtle touch throughout, in both his guitar playing and his arrangements and command for atmospherics is readily apparent. (

Frantic City (not it's real name) purchased the cover photo on Allure to use for their promotional materials. It is prominently featured in several provincial and local promotional brochures, ads, and magazines.
Acoustic Guitar magazine published a letter about Gregory's 1998 solo-acoustic tour of Saskatchewan and Alberta coffee shops.
Gregory contributed There's a Reason to the CD When Beauty Meets Abuse: A Tribute to Tom Verlaine and Television
All copies of "the disappearance" and "Allure" are sold/traded/promo'd out. Most of the songs from these two cd's are now posted here. Gregory's latest cd is completed and will be released when the copyright clears.
Gregory is currently working on several projects including an 80's homage cd, another instrumental cd and a pop-easy listening styled collection. Someday, Gregory fully intends to settle into a style.
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