Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How Obscure Are You?

One of the first things you need to do to be an obscure rock star is:
A) Figure out how obscure you currently are
B) Figure out how obscure you want to be

Why? There are different levels of obscurity.

For example, being 100% obscure is very easy to do. That would be recording in your mom's basement and only sharing your music with Mom, Dad and Sis at the dinner table. Aren't you a special boy? Robyn Hitchcock on the other hand, ranks at 73.8% He has released a lot of albums on indie and major labels, toured the world several times but if you walked down the street most people would go "who?" if you asked them to name a Robyn tune.

So lets get started.

1. Go here and: www.obscurometer.com
2. Type in your / your bands name and get your obscure rating.
3. Type in some artists who you want to be as obscure as.
4. Subtract 3 from 2.
5. Analyse the gap. If you get a negative number then you have to quit working so hard. Go on a six year hiatus between albums like I did so you score drops from a respectable 92% to a 99.6%. If you get a positive number, you need have work to do.

What kind of work?

That's what I'm here for. Step by step and piece by piece, I will write about all the things that you, yes you, will need to do to become an obscure rock star.

It involves writing music, recording and releasing a product, packaging, promotion, and even how a virtual unknown can have a successful tour.